Unable to Drag Cell Corner in Excel to Automatically Increment Values

Posted: December 17, 2010 in MS Office

Itโ€™s a favorite feature of every Excel user. Simply select a series of cells with incremental values and drag the cell corner down to complete the rest of the series. Most common usage scenario is when people try to complete the serial # column.

This feature is turned on by default but for some reason disappeared from my system. It took few days for me to figure out where the toggle button is. Let me share it for the benefit of my blog readers.

In Excel 2010

  • Click on File on top left corner
  • Click Options again on the left hand side (above the Exit ) button
  • It brings up the Excel Options dialog box and select the Advanced section on left.
  • The relevant settings are highlighted in the image below


  1. Zahid Rouf says:

    Useful post . Thanks for sharing this .

  2. JK says:

    did you ever find out how it was turned off in the first place? I had the same thing happen, but I know I didn’t turn it off.

  3. ttttttt says:

    Thanks it worked.
    But the option is available in the tools menu and not the File menu

  4. Ravi Sankar says:

    @ttttttt I’m using Excel 2010 and there is no Tools menu

  5. Vinay Kumar says:

    Thanks man.

  6. sdfsd says:

    Thanks Buddy I was searching for this info from a long time. How did it turned off. I don’t know

  7. sum says:

    Simple and excellent post…….Its working….:)

  8. Anoop says:

    thanks man…mine had disappeared suddenly

  9. NPJ says:

    i was breaking my head to figure out why this feature work on other machines and not mine. Finally got it today from your post ! Good stuff.. Keep sharing !

  10. excellent buddy…wasted a lot of time figuring this…now works…

  11. Smitha says:

    This problem was driving me mad!
    Thanks a ton for the solution!

  12. Harsh Gupta says:

    Thanks a lot. It works in Excel 2007 also. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. R.C.Arora says:

    I am unable to drag formula in Excel 2003 as cursor does not does not appear

  14. IceMan says:

    Awesome..tks a lot for sharing the info ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Nagesh says:

    wow, its very good better to remember

  16. mahesh says:

    ITS GOOOD… its excel options button in excel 2003 at last of recent document..

  17. Ravishankar says:


  18. Soumen says:

    thanks, it helped me finish my report in time! any idea how it turned off in the first place?

  19. MS says:

    Very useful , it helped me at the right time..

  20. R says:

    Thank you . I was struggling to find this out…

  21. Vikram Aditya Singh says:

    thank u buddy. useful in 2007 too.

  22. sathish says:


  23. Vikram says:

    Thanks for this

  24. malini says:

    Thank you so much !!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Gangadhar says:

    Thanks, helped a lot when this feature was disabled in my system! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I am wondering whether it got disabled when I played with Macros settings when filling my IT returns..! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • satheesh says:

      i think you are right. this problem started happening to me exactly since i filed my IT return. that xls was having macros.. that may be the issue.

  26. mannu says:

    thanks a lots…….i was becoming mad in manually entering the value..

  27. srikanth boorela says:

    Thank you very much man.. I was unaware of this option.

  28. Abid says:

    Thanx pal, saved me a lot of tension. I was about to reload the touchpad driver but you have spared me the trouble.

  29. Ajit Patil says:

    wow… u r grate.

  30. Venkat says:

    Thanks a Bunch Buddy

  31. RK says:

    Thanks a lot dear, Also works in Excel 2007

  32. Kunal Saxena says:

    I was using it extensivly but suddenly one day, I can’t drag column.
    Thanks for sharing this post, Now i can do it .

  33. Not sure how it got turned off in my machine… Got it back, thanks to this article!

    Glad to have found it!

  34. Deependra Bisht says:

    Thanks … this was quick !!!

  35. Nitin says:

    excellent buddyโ€ฆturning off was very iritatting.. not seems to be perfectly fine

  36. Debasish says:

    Thanks for sharing – a real useful tip.

  37. Gunjan says:

    Thanks a lot it really helps…

  38. Sahitya says:

    Helped tons! Thanks for saving me from headache since a week…

  39. Sumit says:

    Thanks for the post. It was really helpful.

  40. SBitha says:

    Thanks!!! Though a simple step but very important n useful…

  41. sumi says:

    Thanks for this post… It really helped..

  42. Subasish says:

    It works. Thanks

  43. KP says:

    Very useful… Thanks!

  44. Arun says:

    Thanks for the post…. very useful

  45. Rakesh says:

    Thanks a ton.

  46. mukund says:

    many thanks for this small thing but very useful function, Cheers

  47. Sudheshna says:

    Thank you, It worked for me

  48. Rajat Mahajan says:

    thanks Buddy…and I thought this feature was not available in 2010….really helpful..dont really know why was it turned off…

  49. Manjunath says:

    click on MS Office Butten left side upper circle, excel option>Advanced> enable fill handle and cell drag

  50. Spider says:

    Thank you for this post. Very useful.

  51. Ankur Gupta says:

    thanks for ur help

  52. Satya T says:

    Thank you. I was struggling for a while.

  53. Dr. Rajeev says:

    Thanks! got it done.

  54. Amit Sudhir says:

    Cool! got nice work pal !

  55. Chintan Shah says:

    Thanks it works

  56. Reddy says:

    Thanks a lot….I was releived to find this info ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. satya says:

    thanks it’s really usefull

  58. ravindra23891 says:

    thanx boss!

  59. Edwin says:

    It works. Thanks for the post

  60. Prakash says:

    Thanks for Post, Its work ! Keep it up

  61. anshul says:

    Afterr dis setting also it not working it ia nt ahowing the increment value while dragging.

  62. shino raj says:

    thank you very much

  63. Vikash says:

    Thanks you

  64. deepu says:

    yeah!! Ravi,
    really this blog is help full ….

  65. NK says:

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  66. rajesh says:

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    thanks a lot

  67. Shreyakapoor says:

    Thanks alot god bless you..

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  77. S says:

    That helped. Thanks buddy.

  78. sujata siruvuri says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the solution.

  79. M.Raghupathi says:

    Thanks dear,
    This was very helpful and I was able get the drag optiob back which which very important for excel dependent work

  80. John says:

    Thanks Worked!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. harry says:

    Thanks a lot , it solved my problem

  82. Thiru says:

    Thanks it works now ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Jads says:


    Really helpful

  84. Au says:

    Very helpful, thanks.
    Just a note – if the Auto filter is on, Excel 2010 (sometimes) still won’t let you auto-increment by dragging. Turn filter off then drag to increment.

  85. Suresh Kumar says:

    Thanks buddy:) It helps me lot

  86. chetan says:

    Thank you

  87. KRISHNA says:

    Hi, Tnx for the Post, it helped me a lot….

  88. Simon says:

    Thanks so much, I just to have it but it disappeared, it was diving me CRAZY!!!!

  89. test says:

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  90. Minal says:

    woww simply gr88

  91. Preetam says:

    Thanks very much saved lot of time

  92. Sam says:

    It works on 2007. thanks you saved my time.

  93. Thank you so much.. It turns off by itself, now I know how to undo it.

  94. Mukesh Mukundan says:

    Thanks a Lot mate:-)

  95. Pranuuu says:

    Thank you very much dude. It helped a lot.

  96. Harry Bijl says:

    Not useful for me. Just in one sheet, it doesn’t work (anymore). So this option was not even turned off, but as a test, turning it off and on again… it still does not work. In the other sheets… it works fine.

  97. Yogesh says:

    Thanks from PPC(PROGRAMMING) group.

  98. Aariz wasim says:

    I can say only one thing that most help full
    Thanks sooooooo much

  99. taru says:

    very helpful..thanks.

  100. sresubra says:

    Thank you, it helped me a lot…

  101. Chandrachoor Basu says:

    Thanks buddy, you really saved me a lot of searching time! I successfully restored the drag option!
    Just some additional information. I use MS Office Excel 2003 and this option is available under TOOLS > OPTIONS > Edit (tab)!

    Maybe you can update this in your blog. Cheers and Thanks again!!

  102. Deepak says:

    Thought i was the only one having this problem. It works now. Thank you

  103. Kumud Sharma says:

    Thanks a lot Ravi, I was looking for this info for ages

  104. Anwar says:

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  105. Ramesh says:

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  106. MILIND says:

    Issue resolve. Thank you for this useful post.

  107. Chaitra says:

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  108. vishwavikalp says:

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  109. Vikram says:

    got solution !!!

  110. Yasin says:

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  111. s.v.satyanarayana says:

    very usefull input , thanks for sharing , save my day in Excel

  112. Indu says:

    Struggled with this during the whole of mba 1st year. never googled. repasted every time. ther eis a day for everything!

  113. Grovie says:

    thanks a ton

  114. athira says:

    Am using excel 2007 how to do for that?

  115. prasant says:


  116. Bhavana says:


  117. Dan Bodimer says:

    Well, it was working all morning, until 30 minutes ago, then it simply stopped working. I think it has something to do with the format of the item in the cell (mine is ### A). Now it simply copies the cells (ie. 1a 2a 3a 1a 2a 3a 1a 2a 3a etc. instead of 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a 6a 7a 8a 9a etc.)

  118. suresh says:

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  123. JK says:

    Very helpful… Thanks Ravi..

  124. Will says:

    Thank you.

    After enabling macros for another workbook I realized that my drag-fill setting was toggled off. I think Excel has a bug where a developer forgot to retain this setting after enabling macros.

  125. Srikanth Gooty says:

    Thank you very much

    Actually I prepared to format my laptop for this option only. Really It helped me a lot.

  126. Abhishek says:

    Hi, I have the options checked as shown, but I still cannot use the auto complete function, I can see the + at the corner.

  127. Yashodhan says:

    Thank you very much for the post. It helped me a lot when urgently required.

  128. Mannu says:

    I confirm that the option is disabled as soon as you open the ITR excel utility. Try it yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Mannu says:

    ITR Excel Utility has a disableCut Macro which turns this setting off.

  130. NIjo Thomas says:

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  132. Thanks you so much for your this post. It saved lot of trouble for me.

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  146. Thank you very much. You saved a lot of time for us. we were striking our head how it got disabled ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    fixed, thanks!

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